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Hytale community is a blast. The Beta version blocks allow you to create and eliminate as you please. The Minecraft formula managed, over all these years, to become one of the huge milestones in the history of the platform game.

So much so, that even today it reaps millions of active players squeezing out even the latest game mechanics, or even rubbing their hands together in front of the arrival of Minecraft Pokémon GO style.

At this point, you can see that there is someone ready to take the throne away from him, and look forward to 2021 to be launched, Hytale.

Hytale is a game created by Hypixel Studios, a group that has been experimenting with Minecraft for a long time, managing servers.

Their modding soul led them to witness, to the point where they concluded that it was time to evaluate how to do something completely their own, albeit from that formula that they are so familiar with.

Since the release of their trailer a year ago, in which they showed what their game looks like, the animations of all the individuals, the degrees of interaction available and even the mechanics of both combat and navigation, they received a completely unexpected response from the social network.

The Hytale community moves forward to increase

Something that not only encouraged the group to move forward. However, it also raises the bar for the quality that is esteemed in a venture like this.

Community servers, all kinds of mini-games, many configurations to carry out mods, utilities to make things simpler for those who want to change the game. A very high level of customization, and a storyline that allows you to enjoy a serious story.

That's the cocktail that gives shape to Hytale, the same one they want to bring to players somewhere in 2021.

Are we looking at the real heir to the Mojang construction?

It's going to be ready "when it needs to be ready", says the set in the most recent renewal published on the game's official site. The infinite amount of praise has allowed them to have much more reach than they expected, including encountering completely unexpected propositions. This encourages them to continue to progress the engine and the whole game, to find something that truly succeeds in being considered the replacement for Minecraft.

The Hytale beta, already usable?

On the studio website, there is an opportunity to create an account in the game's beta. One that is estimated to arrive throughout 2020, before the final release in 2021. Hypixel Studios has not loved discontent fans with date changes. So, they have only stated that unfortunately, it is quite soon for us to be able to carry out announcements about this.

They are still polishing elements, even though they already have numerous parts of the game ready for a release edition.

They ask for patience from individuals, yet guarantee changes and additions that will enrich the gameplay formula and offer many hours of distraction and adventure.

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