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Invite your friends and share the forum to earn money.

How can I share my link to earn money?

You can earn money and get a lot of referrals sharing your link in groups, sending it to your friends and the best way is if you have a own YouTube Channel or Community, then you can share it to a lot of people and earn a lot of money with our Referral System.

How much do I get paid?

Invite your friends and earn money. Earn 10 trophy points for every referral that you get. 1000 trophy points are equal to $3, so you will get $3 for every 1000 trophy points.

How do I get paid?

In order to exchange your trophy points in real money, you will need to contact us. The minimum amount of trophy points that you will need in order to get paid are 1000. After you get more than 1000 trophy points, we will calculate your dollars and pay it via Paypal.

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To see your referrals, please click on your accounts name on the right side at the top of the website and there you will see how much referrals you have.

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