Download Hytale website? Yes, it's done.


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Also, The Download Hytale website is done.

Hytale is a game with great expectations among players. The adventure takes place in a massive multiplayer sandbox-like world that gives colossal independence to create, examine, change, and play as you wish while giving the depth and craft content of a finished paper game.

The vast and varied world of Hytale could safely be described as Minecraft 2.0. Also, the creative options are endless, in a world where you can do everything from building block by block to in-game programming, creating 3D models and their animations, creating videos and movies with the built-in utilities, changing and creating your own mini-games!

If doing is not your thing, you will always have the possibility to examine the planet of Hytale and its adventures.

The levels and mini-games will be diverse, that's the promise of Hypixel Studios. As far as PVP is concerned, players who love this method of playing will not be left behind: we understand that a lot of work was done on the game design, to make the ergonomics better and to make changes to the game set very quickly.

You can settle down, grow crops, tame animals, create transports, and make your own little house. To be fun, there will be an extensive selection of mini-games and PvP settings to use. In addition, developers have already announced that the Hytale servers will be hugely editable, leaving creativity free.

What about the Download Hytale website?

The test version of the game was announced and its release is expected in a few month's time, during 2020.

Hytale's release date was not officially announced, although registration for the beta has already been opened, as Hypixel has announced a registration form.

Hytale is going to be completely modifiable, Hypixel's studio has as a priority to be able to change its game to intention.

Many utilities will be available for free to adjust the game. The server edition of the game will be open source, giving everyone permission to adjust their experience. Good news for modders!

In December 2018, Hypixel announced the arrival of a new, and no less significant, investor with Riot Games, the publisher of League of Legend. One exhibits security in the long run. The amount of investment was not communicated.

Download the Hytale game, get into the beta version, and follow the latest game updates. The Hypixel studio has already made available a registration form for the game's beta. We don't understand if the game will be free or for purchase, but we are talking about a subscription.

The organization interface is not yet known, we don't understand if an interface like STEAM will be used or if the game will be published without dependency.

On this page, you can find out when the game will be usable and all the information about downloading the Hytale game.

When will it be released?

To be informed about the publication of the game, the different ways to enter the game and download it when it is published. You can also register for the beta right now. We still don't understand if you will need to purchase Hytale to play the beta version.

Hypixel Studios announced the game to everyone’s surprise in December 2018. After two years of subtle advancement, through a video teaser (trailer) that has already had well over 50 million views, a huge success! The disparity caused by the video exploded the players' expectations for Hytale!

With a duration of 2 minutes, the trailer teaches us a lot about the game, its playability, its mechanics, and reveals several details: it reveals the challenges you will face, incredible panoramas, and mini-games.

Download Hytale and have fun

Studio Hypixel did not yet communicate the release date of Hytale and more specifically its trial version. Programmers want to take the time to make quality content as quickly as it is published. We should stay away from alpha games, which are incomplete and full of bugs.

After interviews and the availability of a registration form for the game's beta, several observers are thinking about a release this summer - we'll keep you posted as soon as the release date is announced!

The Hypixel studio has only communicated twice on this topic, the first time in their FAQ. The second was on Twitter where Simon, the studio's main creator, mentioned that they had no release date to communicate with.

They want to take the time to publish a quality game, the game is going to be released... when it's ready!

To make sure you don't miss out on anything new, you can subscribe to the game's beta on the publisher's official website or on our website. Every Friday, the programmers accept us to learn new points of the game on their official site. You can also download the beta version.

Although the release date is not yet known, Hypixel has already made a registration form available for the trial version of Hytale.

To register for the Beta, go to Beta - Hytale Registration. You will need to be tolerant while waiting for the software to open.

We don't know the business model yet, the future is going to tell us if we will have to buy the game or if we will be entitled to have free fun.

Playing methods

From the trial version, the game should contain three main gameplay methods, the adventure mode, and its chronicle to be played alone or in cooperation, the mini-game mode that will entertain you for several hours, and the creation mode, and its many utilities, which will allow you to express your imagination.

Live the Adventure

Dive into history and venture to the planet of Hytale. A new world is created with each modern game by means of an information bank of different elements (three-dimensional models, previous views, etc.). So, you don't get bored and renew the game experience with each modern game.

The planet you are on is divided into six zones (the promoters have only communicated in the first 4) with different panoramas, sites, fauna, flora, and climate. We understand that the beginning of the adventure should take place on the planet Orbis.


Hypixel, the studio that runs Hytale, made a name for itself with its Minecraft server and mini-games.

Numerous mini-games will be available to entertain players, as well as many utilities for building new games and organizing them on the social network.

Final words about The Download Hytale website

The social network will have a whole succession of utilities. The source code of the server edition (developed in JAVA) will be shared with the social network. Finally, the game was designed to accept full customization of the game, which will make the Modder’s' delicacies!

The Download Hytale website is ready and you can get also the beta version from here. Hytale, live the adventure, and enjoy it!
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